WMI Team

Rabbi Matan Mordechai Weisberg
Director Heritage House and programs.

Raised in South Africa and Israel, Matan is fluent in Hebrew and English. After graduating high school, Matan joined the IDF’s MLRS unit for 3 years. During those years his interest in understanding Judaism was sparked. This led to many years of serious religious and secular Jewish education. Matan’s passion for enabling young Jews to be exposed to their rich heritage propelled him to undertake continuing Rabbi Meir Schuster’s Heritage House from 2011. If you want to get on his good side, ask him an extremely tough Judaism question which will make him have to think for a couple days.

Chaya Weisberg, Co
Director Heritage House and programs

Chaya, originating from the east and west coast of the US, has been with the Heritage House since 2004. She brings people wisdom with a MSc in Sociology from U. of N. Texas. and an infectious love for each individual. Chaya and her family enjoy sharing their balcony view of the Western Wall with Birthright and Heritage House students, especially if they sing a Jerusalem song. When you come to visit, prepare a song and ask for some hearty soup, and be welcomed into the family!

Chassia Thau
WMI program director

Chassia grew up in Israel. After studying Education and Business she spent some time working in the non-profit sector as well as teaching. Chassia is currently the director of Way More Israel, and loves every part of it! Developing the program, meeting the participants, and sharing what Israel has to offer are just some of the perks. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and three children.

Tali Harris
WMI Admissions and Internship coordinator

Originally from New York, she made Aliyah after spending a year in seminary followed by a year of sherut leumi at Nefesh B’Nefesh. Tali has a BA from Bar Ilan University in Administrative Education and Communications. She has spent 3 years working at MMY, a seminary in Jerusalem, and in addition to her work for WMI, she is studying Tanach and Jewish Education through the Bellow’s Eshkolot Educators Institute at Matan. Tali lives in Jerusalem with her husband and their son.

Esther Wolkenstein
Heritage House Programs and Hostel coordinator.

Esther Wolkenstein born and raised in Sydney, Australia. After completing her degree in International Business and Psychology, Esther worked for both Businesses and Organizations in helping them achieve their vision. What makes Esther happy is seeing WMI participants achieve their goals during their time in Israel! With much excitement, Esther and her family moved to Israel in the summer of 2019, fulfilling a life-long dream.