Way More Israel Program so far…

Hi my name is Benjamin Klass, and I’m from South Africa
I have to admit that I have really enjoyed the Way More Israel program so far.
Initially the first week was daunting for me as it was the first time I traveled overseas by myself. However thanks to the madrichim as well as people such as Elisheva and the Weisbergs I felt quickly at home and adapted to the new environment.
I have enjoyed numerous aspects of the program including the lessons on Judaism and Ulpan but the experiences I most enjoyed were walking to Mount Herzl with Shlomo where I experienced a lot of the Israeli natural environment and spending Shabbos in Kochav Yaakov. Although I had a few prickly questions to ask them regarding their political opinions, I found the people there to be very friendly and they were happy and willing to respond to my questions.
My internship is going well and I have met quite a few interesting people at Hebrew University. I am on good terms with my coworkers.
With what I have experienced to far I would definitely recommend this program to any interested Jewish youth and hopefully I gets even better as the program progresses.