The Start of a New Session

Hi my name is Daniela and I am from Detroit Michigan and I am on a 5 month Masa program called ‘Way More Israel’.

We’re living at Heritage House in the Old City of Jerusalem. There are lots of little cafes to get food and some small grocery stores, so you don’t have to walk outside the old city for essentials. We’re only a few minutes’ walk away from the kotel and it’s very exciting to be right in the middle of everything. We can also walk to the shuk for groceries, food and nightlife!

The other students here are all great and I become good friends with several of them, especially my amazing roommate Jessica. We have a very international community with many participants from South Africa, as well as people from Australia, Turkey, and the UK.

So far on Way on Way More Israel we’ve had several adventures!

We’re taking an ulpan class, where we learned how to ask each other’s names in Hebrew.

One afternoon we went to volunteer with Children in an after-school program. On route we got lost and walked around the neighborhood of Gilo for an hour, but in the end we finally met the children and they were so excited to see us even though we were so late! Once we arrived we played catch with the children and learned their names using our newly acquired Hebrew.