The Life of a WMI Madricha

I chose to be a madricha for WMI because I was interested in being in a supportive position for students who are looking to explore their Judaism. I came two months late to the program so they had already settled in but I was very impressed with the group dynamics and how friendly everyone was. It was wonderful to hear where everyone had come from and why they had chosen to be on this program. I was especially blown away by how close the group was, having not known a thing about each other before they came!

In the 2nd month, twice a week we had a group dinner and class. This was my favorite part of the session because I really felt that these dinners brought everyone together, it felt like “family time”. It was during dinner that we had a chance to connect as a group, have fun, and enjoy some awesome home-cooked meals!

After dinner we had classes, many of the teachers where from Aish Hatora, and they explaind the basics of udaism. Some other super interesting classes that we had were on the Israel/Palestinian conflict, the psychology behind making decisions, what it means to really enjoy life, and of course Jewish topics such as whether to Torah is truly divine, and the meaning behind Shabbos.

Overall, between classes, getting to know some incredible student themselves, trips, shabbatons, and more; I really enjoyed this experience and am excited to hear great things from the students after the program. Keep in touch!