Many More Fun Memories!

Hi my  name is Estella Gabay. I’m from Istanbul, and I’m on the Way More Israel Spring program.

For the past two weeks we have taken part in various activities. We baked challah, spent way too much time admiring the Kotel view and posing for our Instagram accounts. We had dinner and Class/Guests every Monday and Wednesday night.We laughed the most, when we were trying improv, talking gibberish to each other and translating amongst ourselves. We had guests that initiated Psychological, Talmudic and personal discussions.

We went to the Negev desert and Be’er Sheba where we  learnt more about our heritage ,went hiking , ate too many tomatoes and strawberries ,and crossed a scary bridge that was shaking more than necessary(Good thing we all managed through in one piece).

We joined a Jeru race where we tried to solve clues all around the city. ( I don’t think anyone expected this much competition)

We went volunteering every day,  worked with the Elderly, Children from broken homes and helped with food packaging. You only need 20 minutes to pack for 50 people if you have the most motivated group!

We have only known each other for 2 weeks, but seems like we have known each other for ages. So many memories together!