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FieldBusiness Development


The intern will be the direct assistant of VP Marketing.
Tasks include:
* Community management: manage the company social networks, publish relevant articles to the field, write press releases
* Assistance in the creation of a complete website for the startup
* Research non dilutive sources of funding that can be relevant for our stage of development and build application files
* Assistance in preparation of materials for investors presentations
* Market validation: identify key opinion leaders and prepare/conduct interviews


Nanosynex is young start up that is developing a diagnostic test that can check bacterial resistance to antibiotics in a record time (4h) using microfluidics techniques. The test will help doctors determine the most appropriate antibiotic treatment for their patients and provide same day results, which will reduce the spread of resistant bacteria in the environment and significantly lower the burden on healthcare costs. The intern will be the direct assistant of VP Marketing.


The intern should have experience in business development and marketing.

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