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Melabev's research department incorporates university students from varied disciplines as interns in its research projects. The research program is based on the principle that evidence-based research leads to productive and cost effective services, while maintaining a caring and patient-centered service and outreach orientation. Melabev's staff and in-service training is based on research evidence to ensure a dynamic learning environment and give expression to staff inquisitiveness and creativity. can be counted. Past interns were involved in research related to technology development for people with dementia, improving quality of life, functionality of people with dementia, grieving, aging in place, nutrition, cognitive evaluations, aging in place.


Melabev is Israel's pioneer service provider caring for those plagued by, and suffering from, Alzheimer's disease or dementia, along with offering appropriate services to their entire support system.


According to the specific intern's skills, interests, and Melabev's needs at the time.

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