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FieldBusiness Development


The intern will research potential companies for acquisition, gather competitive intelligence for portfolio companies, and give presentations to executives concerning strategic opportunities. Additionally, they will spend time with start-up companies, developing and implementing improvement strategies. The intern will also sit with the analysts and review companies seeking investments.


Lishtot is a startup that developed a patented technology detecting electric fields associated with water and contaminants. Its prototype is designed to fit on your keychain and allow you to test tap water, bottled water, and natural water for contaminants such as E. coli and lead in a matter of seconds and at no cost for the test. The device can even tell if someone has had a sip from your cup or not. This will empower water drinkers of all types, whether in India or in suburbia to know if their water is clean. The device bluetooths to the Lishtot app which helps us build a global water map to help track water quality around the world.


Excellent English writing skills; engineering/science background is a plus. Strong research skills are needed in someone who can see the value in the connections and education that will come from this opportunity. They are looking for someone who knows when to work and when to have fun and would enjoy being in a relaxed and fun work setting.

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