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The engineering intern will perform some or all of the following:
* operate and manage analytical instruments and laboratory equipment
* synthesize and characterize materials using a variety of techniques
* collect, screen, and analyze laboratory data
* apply safety policies in the workplace
* submit well-written reports on experimental progress
* take responsibility for tracking and stocking laboratory consumables (e.g. chemicals, solvents, and gas cylinders)


Qlight Nanotech (subsidiary of Merck) develops nanocrystals with unique optical properties for numerous applications, including technologies that can revolutionize the mechanism of action of flat panel displays. Its innovative film technology for LCD displays uses unique nanocrystals for reducing energy consumption while significantly improving the color quality. The technology can nearly double the battery run time in mobile devices, and reduce by almost half the energy consumption of TV sets. The company's film also improves the color quality of the display thus dramatically upgrading the user's viewing experience.


Work experience in nanophysics required.

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