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This lab focuses on developing and using novel structural, genetic, cell biology and genomics approaches and state of the are equipment to uncover the structure of lamins and the pathways that they regulate. The intern will participate in all phases of research including planning, preparation, calibration, application, evaluation, data analysis, and maintenance. The intern will design and conduct experiments (with mentorship guidance) within a defined project, collect and interpret data and make novel observations.


This research group at the Hebrew University Departnebt of Genetics studies nuclear lamina, which is present underneath the inner nuclear membrane (INM). It is composed of the lamin intermediate filaments and lamin-associated proteins. The nuclear lamina is involved in most fundamental nuclear activities and mutations in the genes encoding nuclear lamina proteins lead to numerous heritable diseases. They are using a combination of structural, genetic and cell and molecular biology methods to determine the structure of lamins, their roles in mechano transduction, nuclear organization and metabolism.


Biology or chemistry.

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