Days Gone By

Below are excerpts from Meredith Levin’s blog about time at Way More Israel:

“For my internship I’ve been helping out with a couple theater groups in Jerusalem. One is putting on a production of The King and I. I would go in the mornings to help paint set pieces and props. The show opened two weeks ago and finished performances last Thursday. I helped out backstage, moving set pieces and organizing the props. Everyone speaks English, which is helpful for me, and it’s really cool to meet people who live in Israel while involving myself in theater.

On Monday and Wednesday evenings we have group dinner and a class with a local rabbi or some other teacher. One day we had a discussion about the conflict with a religious settler and a Palestinian man. Most weekends we are free for Shabbat, but once a month we have a group Shabbaton in another city, and one Sunday a month we have a day trip in places like Haifa and Be’er Sheva.”