A Day in the Life of a Way More Israel Participant – Cassi Gewer #NeuroLab

Hi there,
Have you ever thought of your dream job, in your favourite city, during your most beloved season, accompanied by people from all over the world? Well, by means of Way More Israel I have been able to make that dream, that life-long goal of mine, my reality. Lately, my every day is a compilation of a neuropsychology and neuroscience lab, academia beyond compare, awe-inspiring Jerusalem dressed within the golden sunlight of a Middle Eastern summer and friends ranging from the USA, Mexico, Germany, Venezuela and more…these are what encompass my dream-like reality here at Way More Israel. Let me take you through one of my days…
Welcome! Lets walk in to one of the top universities in the world, which also happens to be my favourite place – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This is where get to spend two months surrounded by fascinating knowledge, cognition and inspiration, all of which is under the leadership of my career role-model and academic legend, Dr AL.

​Alongside us, within this sphere of academia, world renowned names and faces greet you – the motivation becomes contagious. I would also like to introduce you to one of the founders of Hebrew University, Albert Einstein!

​But first, no better start to the morning than with some pre-lab day reading and an iced coffee from Aroma in the shining sun. All ready to start the day!

​One thing that makes an internship that much more enjoyable is working in an environment that is sleek, clean, professional, welcoming and motivating…all of which make up the lab of Cognitive Sciences and Psychology at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This lab focuses on neuropsychology, neuroscience and cognitive sciences – in essence you can say that we ‘lobe’ the brain.
Boredom is a non-exisstant word in the world of academia – with science being an everlasting journey filled with discovery, innovation and growth one is always searching for new research, data and knowledge that will be absorbed! Does this look interesting? The fun is just about to begin!

​Time for a lunch break, featuring the magnificent panoramic views of Jerusalem and perhaps another iced coffee. Work does not get more inspiring than this…

​Wait…is that my bedroom window in the Old City that I see? The views are one of my most favourite bonuses about working at Hebrew University.

​Back to work…this time I am learning how it feels to be on the side of a subject, undergoing an experiment with an EEG (electroencephalograph)! I think I might make this my every day look!

​Next up, running an experiment with the Eye Tracker device! This time, in the role of the experimenter. A sneak peak into the life of a cognitive scientist.

​A delicious, home-cooked meal awaits us at the end of the day. Although, before I delve into the food, some more picturesque moments of golden Jerusalem to fill up my day.

​Welcome home, Way More Israel …I am ready to face yet another day of living my dream and gaining a snippet into (hopefully) my future realty.
One might think that after a day such as mine I would be arriving back to the Old City exhausted, but rather quite the contrary. I have a heart that is full, a mind that is inspired and a brain that is jam-packed with new information to be absorb. A night filled with a visit to the Kotel (Western Wall), memory making with new friends, a possible ice coffee (yes, they are THAT good) and comfortable sleep in one of the most historic places in the world awaits.
Best, Cassi Gewer