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Ad Ha’midbar

Hi There! We may be coming toward the end of our summer program here at Way More Israel BUT the memories have piled up, the bonds have become stronger and the ‘Israeli lifestyle’ has become the (never boring) norm. Lets…

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A Day in the Life of a Way More Israel Participant – Cassi Gewer #NeuroLab

Hi there, Have you ever thought of your dream job, in your favourite city, during your most beloved season, accompanied by people from all over the world? Well, by means of Way More Israel I have been able to make…

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Welcome, to Way More Israel

Hi there, I am currently sitting at Zion Gate overlooking the roofs of the Old City of Jerusalem, the golden light pouring down and the presence of holiness tangible. Jealous? My day consisted of enthralling new topics in the internship…

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