Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we are unable to run our upcoming Spring program. However we are still planning on running our Summer 8-week program.

Program Details

credit Orthodox Union

Ulpan & Touring

Jewish holidays, customs and history come alive in Jerusalem’s Old City where you get to know the city intimately and begin your Ulpan. Tours, Jewish learning, group volunteer projects and cultural activities will enable you to tap into the mystique and heritage of Jerusalem.

Internships & Volunteering

Your internship of choice will teach you valuable skills and enhance your resume. In addition, interactive classes and workshops about diverse topics relevant to Israel and Judaism complement the diverse cultural activities and evening programs. All classes are given from an Orthodox perspective.

Experience Israel

You’ll spend time combining hiking, exploring, doing activities, and hands-on learning. Weather-permitting, you’ll be spending time outdoors in this holistic Israel experience.

*Exact amount of days within each month varies according to the program.

Program Highlights

  • Improv night
  • Safed
  • Dead sea
  • Explore Israeli communities
  • Experience Jewish holidays first hand
  • Cooking and baking workshops
  • An insider view into the Israeli political scene
  • …and so much more!

Activities vary according to season and availability. Other activities may be substituted.

Check out the fantastic
internship opportunities
you can choose from!


Program Cost $5200

With Masa Grant it can be as low as

 Ages 18-21                                                                      Ages 22-30

$4000** + airfare for North Americans                  $2300** + airfare for North Americans

$3750** + airfare for British/Australians             $2545** + airfare for British/Australians

$615** + airfare for South Africans                  $615** + airfare for South Africans

$615** + airfare for South Americans                  $615** + airfare for South Americans


Most applicants qualify for the scholarships, other nationalities should inquire the price.

Additional Masa scholarships are available to those who can prove financial need.


*plus cc processing fees

**This is an estimated amount, the actual cost depends on the Masa grant you receive

***All payment are non-refundable

This program is in partnership with Masa Israel Journey


This Is Where You Can Find Out Way More

Where will I live?

Way More Israel participants live in dorms in Jerusalem’s Old city, with approximately 2-4 people living in one room.

What is included in the apartments?

The apartments are fully furnished with beds, table and chairs, heat/air-conditioning, washing machine, wifi and basic kitchen appliances.  Blankets, pillows, linen and towels are provided by Way More Israel.

What will I need to bring?

You’ll need to bring everything you need to make you feel at home. Since the weather in Jerusalem is “predictably unpredictable”, you’ll need both warm and cool clothing. In the summer, it can get extremely hot. When it rains (October through February) you’ll need sweaters, boots, and jackets, especially because central heating is not found everywhere. You’ll also need clothes suitable for the workplace if you are interning as well as clothes for hiking and outdoor trips.

*It is recommended to bring comfortable shoes as living in Jerusalem involves a lot of walking.

How will I get the best internship placement for me?

After submitting your resume and specifying what you are interested in, you will meet with Way More Israel’s internship coordinator to determine what will suit you best. This interview is important because it will determine how you spend three months in Israel so it’s important to present yourself professionally.

What will I gain from the internship?

International work experience is a huge bonus on your resume, which can open up way more doors for you and your future.  Some interns in Israel get offered paid jobs following their internship placements (but we can’t guarantee anything).  Interacting with Israelis on the job will give you a real feel of what it’s like to live and work in Israel.

What kind of volunteer projects are there?

Volunteering is done weekly on the Way More Israel program by the whole group.  In addition, participants can choose to volunteer full-time every day instead of interning.  Some of the volunteer projects include:

  • soup kitchen/meals on wheels – food preparation and serving
  • food baskets – warehouse stocking and basket assembly
  • special needs adults/children – teaching basic skills, art therapy
  • elderly – creating art projects for resale, exercise, meal service, assistance with daily life
  • music – performing for the sick and elderly
  • gardening
  • medical clowning
  • at risk youth – teaching them study and life skills
  • nursing
Are there scholarships from Masa?

Masa provides a grant which you can apply for here:  You must apply for the grant in addition to applying to Way More Israel. If you can demonstrate a financial need, you can get an additioanl “needs-based” Masa scholarship.  People from outside North America may be eligible for more Masa scholarship money.  Contact Masa for more details.

What about other scholarships?

There are many options out there, including:

Please contact our staff with questions/concerns.

How much spending money do I need?

Participants usually spend $400-600 per month for food, local travel and personal expenses. Cellphone rental and travel outside of Jerusalem could increase your costs. This is only a guideline and some participants will spend more or less.  Bring your ATM card with you – it’s the quickest and easiest way to get cash!

What does the application process involve?
  • Fill out the application.
  • If we think our program is a good fit for you, and after we contact your references, you will receive an acceptance email to Way More Israel.
  • You’ll send your resume and meet with the Internship placement coordinator.
  • You will pay a $200 non-refundable deposit and to secure your spot.
When should I book my air ticket for Way More Israel?

This is entirely up to you.  Prices fluctuate based on season and demand.  Flights with a stopover in Europe tend to be cheaper.  WMI takes no responsibility for travel to and from the program.

Is there anything else I should know?

Don’t forget to check your passport.  Passports must be valid; if your passport expires 6 months before your travel date, you will not be allowed to board the airplane.

We recommend that you take care of your visa before coming to Israel. You should contact your local Consulate General or Embassy of Israel prior to your departure to request a Masa Israel visa. The Masa Israel visa is an A2 visa – a multiple-entry student visa. Since this process takes, time, you should take care of it as soon as you get accepted to our program.

To obtain a Masa Israel visa, you must visit a consulate/embassy with the following:
* The form you received from Masa Israel (PDF file) confirming your grant and/or scholarship amount
* A letter from your Way More Israel validating your acceptance to the program
* 2 passport-size photos
* Application fee

See more on the Masa website.

Student visas are valid for one year and must be renewed annually. They have no multiple entry restrictions, which means that you can enter and exit Israel without applying for additional visas. Holders of student visas may not work in Israel.

What if I decide that I want a different internship?

We can try to accommodate you, but generally that is not possible since companies are counting on you and your work at their company.