The ultimate Israel trip that will actually allow you to become part of the Israeli culture.
Spring 5-month program:
January 30 – June 28, 2018
Summer 8-week program:
June 17 - August 9, 2018

Experience Way More Israel

Way More Israel combines professional internships, volunteering, learning Hebrew (Ulpan),and touring. This is the ultimate trip to immerse in Israeli culture while growing professionally.

This new and innovative program is based in the Old City of Jerusalem, where you’ll settle into one of the most colorful and vibrant communities Israel has to offer. Hear the rooster crow, touch the ancient stones, taste different types of ethnic cuisine and see breathtaking sunsets. On Way More Israel, you’ll benefit from real cultural immersion, experiential learning and dynamic internships. You’ll be on your way to a genuine, unforgettable Israel experience with Way More Israel.

Summer 8-Week Session

June 17- August 9 2018

(Your departure date is June 17)

In 8 weeks you’ll be able to improve your Hebrew skills, experience Jerusalem, tour around Israel, do some rewarding volunteer projects in addition to a 6 week internship! You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of professional internships.

Your experience living in Jerusalem’s Old City will be enhanced with discussions, workshops and classes on Jewish topics. You’ll also get to know Israeli neighbors and peers as they welcome you into their homes and hearts.

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5 Month Program (Masa)

Fall session September 3 2017- January 31 2018*

Spring session January 30 – June 28, 2018*

(Your departure date is September 3 or January 30)

The 5-month Way More Israel program is a unique combination of living and experiencing Jerusalem’s Old City, learning Hebrew, and then focusing on either volunteering or internships. You’ll experience Jerusalem from within and take trips travelling around Israel, that will show you more Israel than a tourist sees.

Every day with Way More Israel has something to offer that is fresh and valuable to the career-minded, the experience-seeker, the thinker. Way More Israel gives you the authentic Israel experience of a lifetime and will be way more than you imagined.

* This program can also be completed in 4 months if needed.


During “Ulpan”, you’ll learn new Hebrew language skills which can help you live and work in Jerusalem. The emphasis is on practical, user-friendly written and spoken Hebrew.


You’ll tour around Israel but with the goal of going beyond the tourist. You’ll taste new foods, hear new music, dance new steps and discover things you never knew about Jerusalem, Israel and yourself!            


Gain valuable work experience, enhance your resume and explore careers in Israel with your Way More Israel internship! Choose from over 600 top companies and work opportunities.        


Experience the impact on yourself and others as you embark on a meaningful service project in Jerusalem. You can contribute in a significant way to individuals and organizations in need.


Fall 5 month session: September 3 2017 – January 31 2018

Spring 5 month session January 30 – June 28, 2018

Summer 8 week session: June 18 – August 9, 2018


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